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During Last Year’s AEA convention in Denver I was elected Chair of the Assessment in Higher Education TIG. I love podcasts and use them in my courses as ways of getting primary source information that is geared to the public. I thought this format might also be great for bringing the experience of going to an AEA convention to the many members of our TIG (or others) that were unable to experience a particular session and/or for people who did attend the session to look back on it and have the ability to share with others. The discussion feature of this site will also allow us to continue thinking about these issues throughout the year. I’ll also ask the presenters if they would like to add their powerpoints or any other resources that can enhance the story they are trying to tell.

2015-11-10 09.04.30

Grand Canyon on my way to AEA!

Here is my conference schedule. I tried to record every session but this process was not perfect. I’m asking all of the presenters if they want to add anything, i.e. powerpoints, data etc., for posterity.

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